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Stout's 'Alumni Association honored recipients of this 
year's Distinguished Alumni awards, Outstanding 
Young Alumni awards and Alumni Service award dur- 
ing Homecoming activities in October. 

Recipients of the Distinguished Alumni awards are 
Barbara J. Wagner Schwehr, a former UW System 
administrator, and William J. "Bud" Micheels, former 
Chancellor at Stout. The two Menomonie natives were 
cited for their outstanding contributions to their profes- 
sion, community and to the university. 

Schwehr '44 who resides in Madison, has had a 
variety of jobs, beginning with teaching home 
economics in Escanaba, Mich. She was a payroll officer 
at an army base in Alabama, a vocational adult educa- 
tion home economics teacher in West Bend and 
Madison, and for 10 years, a part-time facilities research 
and project assistant for the Council for Higher Educa- 
tion and the old Wisconsin State University System. 
Prior to retirement, she served for 14 years as a senior 
staff associate in the division of facilities/campus plan- 
ning and capital budgeting for the UW System. As 
senior staff associate, her major areas of responsibility 
were in the development of procedures for measuring 
needs for academic physical facilities for the UW 
System. This included guideline development, com- 
puterized physical facilities inventory systems, space 
management procedures, evaluation and documenting 
biennial capital budget project requests for the UW 

While working in the physical facilities area, she was 
author and co-author of several publications in the 
field. She also served on many UW System Administra- 

tion and' statewide committees. She chaired the System 
Administration Resource Committee on the Status of 
Women. She also directed the 1983 conference for the 
Higher Education Facilities Management Association at 

Schwehr was graduated in 1944 with a bachelor's 
degree in home economics education. While attending 
Stout, she was a member of Phi Upsilon Omicron, 
honorary home economics fraternity, and the Philo- 
mathean, currently Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority. She 
was a class officer and participated in the band and 
Stout Symphonic Singers. She is married to Frederick 
E. Schwehr '43 and has two sons and two grand- 

Micheels was graduated in 1932 from what was then 
the Stout Institute. He later earned master of science 
and doctor of philosophy degrees at the University of 
Minnesota. He served as President and Chancellor of 
Stout from 1961-1972. 

Micheels began his career as an instructor of indus- 
trial arts and music in Shelby, Mont. He became a coor- 
dinator of co-op classes, a critic teacher, and continued 
in the industrial education field as associate professor 
and professor. He served as chairman of the depart- 
ment of industrial education at the University of 
Minnesota from 1954 until he was chosen President of 
what was then Stout State College in 1961. 

During Micheels' term as Chancellor, 14 new 
graduate and undergraduate majors were added at 
Stout. A number of new facilities, including the 
Applied Arts building, were planned to accommodate 
the expanding enrollment and programs Micheels saw 
as crucial to maintaining a progressive educational 

system. He was author and co-author of several books 
in his profession: "Teaching Techniques in the 
Armored Force School/' 1943, and the "Minnesota 
Plan for Industrial Arts Teacher Education/' in 1958. 
He served as senior adviser in technical education to 
the Indonesian government, was a consultant on per- 
sonnel and training for the Automotive Service 
Industry Association, and an adviser for personnel and 
training for the Office of Naval Research. He also 
worked with the Office of Defense Transportation in 

He has been actively involved in professional organi- 
zations and was in leadership roles in all the organiza- 
tions, serving as president of the American Industrial 
Arts Association in 1961-1962. 

He was honored with the Distinguished Citizen 
award in 1965, given by the Menomonie Area Chamber ' 
of Commerce; Outstanding Achievement award from 
the University of Minnesota; and "Man of the Year in 
Industrial Arts Teacher Education" by the American 
Council on Industrial Arts Teacher Education. 

Micheels has retired to Lake San Marcos, Calif. He 
remains an active member of the Stout Alumni Associa- 
tion Board of Directors. 

The Stout Ministry has received the 1984 Alumni Ser- 
vice award for exceptional contributions to students 
and alumni. 

The Ministry is a team effort and the ecumenical staff 
includes a Catholic priest, a religious sister, a Lutheran 
pastor, a Presbyterian minister, and a secretary who 
handles its affairs. Even though members come from a 
variety of religious faiths, it is a cooperative ministry 
using a jointly owned facility. 

The Ministry programs a variety of experiences for 
university students. Scripture studies, retreats, book 
studies, peace and justice issues, personal growth 
opportunities, and marriage preparation courses are all 
offered to students and to the Menomonie community. 
Jeannette Breckner, a native of Chetek, organizes pro- 
grams and appointments for the members of The 
Ministry. She was graduated from Chetek High School 
and District I Technical Institute in Eau Claire. She has 
been secretary to The Ministry since 1975. 

Father Joe Irvin was graduated from Holy Cross 
Seminary, La Crosse, and St. John's Seminary, 
Brighton, Mass. He was ordained in 1967. He has 
served as associate pastor at Stevens Point and 
Marshfield, and was principal of Assumption High 
School in Wisconsin Rapids. He has been associated 
with The Ministry and associate pastor of St. Joseph's 
parish since 1977. 

The Reverend John G. Mitchell is from Hanover 
County, Va. He received a B.A. in History from the 
Virginia Commonwealth University in 1973, and was 
graduated from Union Theological Seminary in Virginia 
in 1977. He was assistant to the pastor at the Union 
Church in Tokyo, Japan, and pastor of Jamestown and 
Appomattox P.E. Presbyterian Churches in Farmville, 
Va., and he joined the United Ministries in Higher 
Education in 1981. He has been the winner of several 
pastoral awards — the Friends Fellow in '75 and '76, 
the Campbell Award in 1976, and the James Appelby 
Book Award in 1977. 

The Lutheran campus pastor is the Reverend Tim 
Megorden. A native of Crookston, Minn., he received 
his divinity degree in 1973 from Luther Theological 

Seminary in St. Paul, Minn., and received his M.S. in 
marriage and family therapy from Stout. He served as 
associate pastor of Peace Lutheran Church in Platteville 
before joining the Ministry in 1977. 

Sister Mary Schabert, C.S.J., is from St. Paul, Minn. 
She entered the religious community of the Sister of St. 
Joseph of Carondelet in 1956. She taught for the 
Archdiocese of St. Paul/Minneapolis from 1961-1976, 
and until 1984 was affiliated with The Ministry. She 
received her B.S. in education from the College of Saint 
Catherine in 1961, her M.A. in theology from the 
University of Notre Dame in 1972, and in 1978 com- 
pleted a media technology degree at Stout. 

The two Outstanding Young Alumni honored at 
Homecoming are Nancy Claire Smith Kupper and Mary 
Beth Jung. This award recognizes personal accomplish- 
ments, leadership, and exceptional achievement in a 
career field, service to humanity, and loyalty to the 
university. The award is given to Stout alumni who 
have attended the university a minimum of at least one 
semester and have been employed fewer than 15 years . 
Smith Kupper received a B.S. degree in dietetics and 
nutrition from Stout in 1970. She continued her educa- 
tion at the University of Kentucky and received her 
M.S. in clinical nutrition in 1972. She has worked as a 
clinical dietician, dietetic instructor, and director of 
nutrition in Kentucky. Since 1976 she has been an 
instructor in the department of family medicine, and a 
diabetes nutrition educator, in the department of pedi- 
■ atrics, at the University of Louisville. She conducts 
nutrition workshops and seminars around the country, 
and has published numerous articles on nutrition. She 
is a member of the American Dietetics Association, the 
Louisville District Dietetic Association, serving as presi- 
dent in 1976 and 1977, and serves on the Stout Board 
of Business and Industrial Advisers . Currently she is 
involved in research dealing with childhood obesity. 
She resides in Louisville, Ky., with her husband, 
Henry, and son, Austin. 

Jung, of Milwaukee, is Oster's director of home 
economics. She was appointed to the position of direc- 
tor in April of 1976. She joined Oster in 1973 as a home 
economist in the Oster test kitchen, and was promoted 
to assistant director of home economics in April of 
1975. She also served as a home economist in the home 
service department of the Wisconsin Gas Company in 
Milwaukee. She has a B.S. in home economics in busi- 
ness from Stout in 1971. She and her staff are responsi- 
ble for all aspects of consumer education at Oster. 

Jung is a member of the American Home Economics 
Association, Home Economists in Business, Electrical 
Women's Roundtable, American Women in Radio and 
Television, Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals, 
Junior League of Milwaukee, and TEMPO, a profes- 
sional business women's organization. 

Jung is active in American Home Appliance Manufac- 
turers and is a frequent speaker at their national con- 
ventions. She is also on the Mount Mary College Home 
Economics Curriculum Advisory Board for 1984. □ 

: : .Edit&'sNote;rQn:fyriel5;M 

^elebriitifigj tHemSO^year Reunion ;: AmgngrKoWatt^dmg' ivas ; 
■ ■ft&?&a0itie(&:S 77; 

: remises JierfeeoUeeti^ 

■ManaMrtf : certtyry- : ag& 

;7tb;twp : years imthe^^ and 

^Talnter Annex and^m^^ 

7 "Ihursday nights ;m^nt ; cbmplete sileriee^tbrrf ^10 i 
^li;w^lignts T p^t a|;£LC);SjQ p,m.;thbse;m^ts> .:exc§pt:in : " 7;; 
■ 7 the; batfoboms , : Sbnie : tried {b ?' 'sneak' 'Irflhe ;bath- > - ■ 
7;lbbms%;study/^ 77; 

7mand%' wete: seve]^ was' ■ 

flights ;but. at midnight ;aip7fbr ;,yely' ! speciar occasions 17 : 

: ' - ;QrieiTtatioh'f^ 

': acrepted-dn-schbbfeEach^brte :w^;assighed; a^big^siste.Sv .--.' 

UThis : ;began .^Ift'ebmesp 



SegiljK^^ ^77; '■■.. 

;>dbne. i^tiybne-hbt* inaJ^g^'ibie/grade ^the.^u'st nine-;; ;7 ;; : 

7Weel^jw^Trpm^ -{TV^ 7 

Women at Tainter Hall and the Annex ate their meals 

- at the Hall — 10 to, a table. The girl at the head was the 

"hostess and seated to her right was the waitress. Every- 
one took turns in these. responsibilities. It was excellent 
training. The food was excellent even though you 
usually knew what to expect/each day. For example, 
Tuesday dinner it was pork, potatoes, peas and pie. 
Sunday -noon/ Wednesday andTFriday nights we had 
ice cream with chocolate sauce — sometimes with - 

fepeaimtsS;|fte^ 7.7^ ■ - .^:~ 

The library was staffed by Bruce Antrim, Miss Frog- 
gatt and Mrs; Strand. Mr. Antrim would hold-his pen- 
cil next to his mouth, hold the book against his chest 

reirid; Jay ^vA^ilpr Itxorre^tly^^ The: 7 7 


;77Hbw:impressed ; jye; wer&wtib^Frexy^PreadentBur- : 7 7 

Hop) ^elsbrv7 He Twas f b :distinguishedlboking>:immacu- ; 

; lat^y :^bpirad;ffi 
7 -ih 19317 we'pbsted; a: sketch7oilhe7way we ;wante d the 7 - 


7buildin"g;tfiow^an^Hall)7aftd' llome Ec building. (Harvey 7 
Hall) Joy ;1934?;Hbw 'pleased the' students^vyould belf : 

^th'eyjkne^tK^e^'/ras^'^ plans and more' materialized.; 
ThirdflborofihellvJatatbriumiah were- our club : 

; robms,;furnished In -wicker x^^ 

; Clubs ;m6t /there: and; aikclosed with the singing; of the 7 '- 

■alma, mater .;;By, the time we.were jumors, that practice 

Martha 'Bubcck 

disappeared. Too bad, it really had some value in 
developing lo\alt\. ll wjs a serious experience. 

Talk about singing. There was a girls' glee club 
directed by the phy ed instructor, Bernice Reynolds. 
We went on trips. We did okay at Knapp and Glen- 
wood City and several times we even sang at Eau 
Claire. . 

What a thrill at the dorms. Serenades. Carl Roll, 
Oren Stamstad, Ted Pearson and Ralph Betterly would 
I'niiu to Ilk- Annex and the Hall. We'll ne\er fniy.ei 
" I he Kin;','- horses, the King's men, man bed down 
lln- street ^\m.\ thev marched baik again." Oh, memo- 

Ralph and Ted were part of the five-piece band that 
played at our Saturday night dances. I recall our 
second to Ihe last number "Oh - tiger." and 
remember Ted on the trombone and Ralph Betterly 
who was really wicked on the drums. 

Back in 1930 Miss Mutz and Miss Carson (art 'and : 
interior design respectively) worked with one 
representative each- o£ the four-year -students to' furnish ; 
Harvey Hallr All it had was a grand piano. Webought 
sorne' excjuisIteTre^ 

on the tables, no scratches you know). At one end of 
the room vyas Ihehbgeipbltrait; of JpreSidffit;(Lbrehzo) 7 % 
Harvey. At tbe other end was a picture of the -same 
size of . a beautifullree I117S p^td^^ei^^^^vS^^-:;:^ 

The picture had been found in the storage, area under 
"the elevated seating in the fourth floor chemistry lee- • 
ture room. The" picture taken to an art gallery in the 
Twin Cities was evaluated at $700, unframed, back. : 
then. Several times in the past 50 years I've tried" to 
locate that picture. -I -wonder sometimes who has it or if 
'if- was sold or junked. ■_" " " 

: ; yOfyc^irj^ 

istry with Miss.McCalmont and Miss Leedom, and ' 
psychology with Mary I. McFadden, I remember those 
3x5 cards arranged alphabetically and those questions 
asked in order as she looked over the top "of her - : 
glasses. It was my least favorite course and here I _ 
ended -up with a professional counselor degree, a 
counselor for 20 years hut no 3x5 cards. _ " 
-" Then there were physics and physics- problems. I 
remember tutoring the fellows over at Chase's. You ' - 

-see, I was .the only woman in the class. _ ' 

Letitia' Walsh was the backbone of home economics 
education. She" was way ahead of her time. Fifteen 
years after we had- off-campus andblock teaching, the 
UW-Madison moved into something they considered 
new: dff-_campus student teaching. We had nine weeks 

■' of ; student ;.te^ehrng/- : aiine.-w.e.eks of nursery, school, . and y- 

' nine weeks of. home management house. 

Physiology our sophomore year was great. We each ' - 

j'had;a: ! Chteago >a^ 

.. semester i;-Wfr^ 

■/keptdfyr^^ ,. 

' made the cuticle around our nails yellow. It was " ; .- : " 
absolutely forbidden lo take any part of the cat out of 

-the lab. But the screams .after 10 p.m. library rang -' ' 
through the Annex .when one girl pulled the light chain - 
in her room. Her roommate had hung the cat's intes- 
tines on the chain. - " 

We had "our marvelous, cafeteria in' the" basement of 
the Home Ec building. Lwas the salad girl, Kerm " : 

Anderson andKuddy Woodworth were the dish 
washers. I recall those marvelous pies. Never since _. 
have I tasted such excellent prune pie with cream. - ~ 
Eichelberger scholarships were -awarded to the top , 
academic Woman and man at the end of the first arid 
second-year :I won them "each year. I mention it _ - 
because a $100 scholarhip during the Great Depression 

of '31 and '32 was a bonanza. It paid 25 percent of my 
education ^each year. Room at the dorm was $90 a -_ " 

y (all-lHose^white^ 

'■ J.-i'Tner^.'.;^^ •.- ■^•■■^'■^k-.-.^^v.. 

vt;''^''^tj^fit4:^%^si't6^.'iirst placei: Itiwas ^engineered ■■. 
yJy/yh;£EaiT S^ and; : 

';"y ; ^'\:J6hniMe"diaj/' : -J; ". .y'-n.;:";^ :' : ^y^ v y( y:r : \ '^7. , ':?; ; ; f ' : '^' : . 

y y4\Stoutonia.;:Qeorg^>; being yery;indepeh^nt>Made:y 

.yyyyypxppfreader 'ahd'ryhv::Baker iwould :|reouehtly ■;■■;:. '3. :i - : ' 
; l ;yy^y;ad}as'g : nfe; tdihe^k the 'galleiys mdi?: carefully.:;' y ■.-. 7. : 
y y^yWg'dTiaVe ythe. day offbefore hpmecomihg fo 

on floats. 
.y :^vThe7bohfires^^ ytcross\frpm the Annex. -y> / 

•y-i The swimming meets. 

- — The, bank .robbery (at Kraft State Bank) at 10 a.m". , 
one morning when one robber was killed and 
everyone went to the funeral home to see him. 

— Ma Junk's — a "no-no" night-club 'on the edge of 
town. |V ' - - • .-"."." 

; .. ; y^Maypole:dancesy C y.y _ ; ' y.y : ~ v .;;-\ •'. ■' '' ' • ■ v ;■"- /'■ y ' yy"-'- ; ' 

— The flood which swept out the Elk Mound bridge 
and "carried Kathy Rowe to her death as she and 
four. fellows were commuting to school. 


ventions throughout the United States, it was a joy to 
have people say r "YoU're from Stout? It's the best : 

school in the nation for home economics and industrial 
"arts;" It gave me "an Opportunity for a. top education. " ' 
-And, .of course,! will always'remember.these words of .. ; 
our alma mater: . " , " - i 

"We'll sing her praises many . - 

" c -We'll glorify her name - " "- 

And on throughout the years of time- - "„ 
" Our -love for" Stout proclaim. "□ 

Home Management for nine tfeeh- 

£uncheons on Wednesday and Fruky 


w y 

i5^ ^^ ^m 

^% llll 

fesslif l i$& i! B aigB& JOS Wi 

Stout's campus radio station, 
WVSS, had a new sound this past 
summer thanks to the efforts of ten 
Menomonie High School students, 
who operated the facility in 
exchange for one college credit. 

Arthur Matthews, general mana- 
ger of the station, WVSS, said the 
students were enrolled in a "radio 
practicum course" at the university. 
Matthews explained that an FCC 
requirement that the station be on 
the air during the summer has 
resulted in a "practical learning ex- 
perience" for the students. "We 
have to be on the air at least 36 
hours a week when school is in ses- 
sion," Matthews said. "In the past 
we were playing hour-long tapes. 
This will give us a better sound and 
let the kids experience a real-life 

Each student had an "air shift" of 
three hours per week for eight 
weeks and an additional hour a 
week of "maintenance" such as fil- 
ing records. They were evaluated 
three times during the summer. 
"We're running it like a job," 
Matthews said. "We're making it a 
very realistic situation. You're 
expected to be there at a certain 
time and to do certain things." 

Students in the practicum earned 
a theoretical salary of $10 per hour 
in what Matthews jokingly 
describes as "funny money." They 
also "earn" $50 per evaluation. The 
theoretical money then was used to 
"purchase" a grade for the course, 

which means more money buys a 
higher mark. 

Tom Slupe of Menomonie High 
School worked with Matthews on 
the project which is a continuation 
of a high school program that nor- 
mally airs Saturday. A primary dif- 
ference, however, is that students 
in the summer 'class did not select 
their own music; they had to follow 
specific formats established by sta- 
tion management. 

Matthews said that students also 
received tougher training standards. 
"There are two kinds of radio: 
announcer and personality," 
Matthews said. "We are not allow- 
ing them to do personality radio." 

Matthews said he hopes the prac- 
ticum will show the students what 
it is really like to work in radio 
broadcasting. "We're not making it 
glamorous," he said. "Radio and 
TV are really not glamorous, it's 
tough work. We want them to find 
what it is really like out there." 
Matthews stressed that the purpose 
of the project was not to train 
students as radio announcers. "It is 
intended to train them for a job," 
he said. "Some may become 
announcers, but there are practically 
no jobs within the field." 

Matthews sees the practicum as a 
means of "bridging the gap 
between the campus and the com- 
munity" and at the same time giv- 
ing the students a "realistic job 
experience. "□ 

."£«•& vKyn 


1HBI- A ^5 39HHI 

•fefe ; 


fi&xRsmk ■■■'■■ 

B5gyis/« ■,■..■•,*• 'i ';-•'•'■ - vm.-jvK5"«s«!ssi 


: t-S-ffljPreSSS*' K«4??isK«&X F55*8»«eHB5> 

? i isilil fcisitf p Jife 

i i ■ftauSeaStW*" %8a5SS»«*V- > - NsaEEKSa* , 

- J 




L,ft^\ I 




s? S 1.1 




f id 


il 1: 

I "121*=" tan—' —»• H 


K'iii'f/i f\onr--tli<.' fomier yum: 

Clyde Bowman would have been pleased. Bowman 
Hall, the historic landmark named in his honor, has 
become an attractive, functional new facility, with its 
exterior carefully restored. 

The $2.3 million project included removal of bricked- 
up windows in the building's first floor and replace- 
ment of all windows with modern units that adhere to 

: modern 

original configuration. Inside 

the buuctir „ „ 
classroom and office facilities. 

The building has become the hub for administrative 
offices that typically serve students directly. This 
includes the Counseling Center and biofeedback lab, 
the Office of Registration and Records, the Admissions 
office, the High School Relations and New Student 
Advisement office, the Financial Aid office, Ethnic Ser- 
vices, project ASPIRE, the offices of Planning and 
Institutional Research, and the Graduate College. 

Clyde Bowman was Stout's first dean of industrial 
education and one-time acting president. He was on 
the staff from 1919 until retirement in 1952. He died in 
1981. □ 

Registration and records area— first floor south; 

Faculty get promotions, 
tenure, emeritus 

Promotions in rank, tenure and emeritus status for 38 
Stout faculty members were announced this spring by 
Chancellor Robert S. Swanson. 

Promoted from associate professor to professor are 
Warren Bowlus, physical education and athletics; James 
McCormick, art; Bruce Siebold, business; Virginia Wolf, 
English; and Judith Herr, Judith Jax and Gail Roberts, 
human development, family living and community 
educational services. 

Faculty members promoted from assistant to associate 
professor are Elaine Fitzgerald, business; Russell James, 
biology; Susan Nurrenbern, chemistry; Sue Stephen- 
son, Counseling Center; Sandra Gill and Tom Holman, 
human development, family living and community 
educational services; John Zuerlein, physical education 
and athletics; and Charles Krueger and Charles Yost, 
. industrial management. 

Moving from instructor to assistant professor are 
James Buergermeister, habitational resources; Carole 
Flint and Robert Schuler, English; Bruce Pamperin, 
social science; James Tenorio, graphic communications; 
and Margaret Wiinamaki, education and psychology. 

Fitzgerald, Buergermeister and Tenorio also received 

In addition, tenure was granted to the following 
faculty members: Raymond Hanson, industrial manage- 
ment; Patrick Liebergen, music; Dayle Mandelson, 
social science, George Morrison, business; Richard 
Tyson, social science; Robert Berkemer, materials and 
processes; Wray Lamb, apparel, textiles and design; 
and Leland Nicholls, Stuart Fullarton, Judith Oppert 
and William Way, habitational resources. 

Professor emeritus designations were made for 
Marybelle Hickner, human development, family living 
and community educational services; and Edward 
Lowry, biology. Named assistant professor emeritus 
were Matthew Reneson, mathematics; Morrell Solem, 
English; and Betty Viens, food and nutrition. 

Emeritus designation is an honor granted to retired 
faculty members. □ 

Recipients named for 
teaching and service 

Charles Krueger, an assistant professor of industrial 
management, received this year's Outstanding 
Teaching Award and Don Osegard, Stout's director of 
Admissions, received the Outstanding Service Award, 
according to an announcement by Chancellor Robert S. 

Both awards were presented at spring commence- 
ment ceremonies. 

Selection for the awards is made by polling gradu- 
ating students from the August, December and May 

Krueger, who received his bachelor's and master's 
degrees from Stout, joined the university staff in 1972. 
In addition to teaching, he has worked in management 
consulting, serving more than 10,000 people from 300 
different companies and organizations during the past 
10 years. Krueger has integrated his management con- 
sulting with teaching, bringing actual management 
situations into the classroom. Krueger has published 
numerous articles and has accepted a wide variety of 
speaking engagements both on and off campus. He 
was project administrator for several different leader- 
ship conferences on campus attended by all 16 VTAE 
districts in Wisconsin. He is preparing a book titled _ 
"How to Lead Problem-Solving Teams." 

Osegard received his bachelor's degree from UW-Eau 
Claire and his master's degree from Stout. He joined 
the Stout staff in 1962 as the university's first full-time 
Admissions director. He is now responsible for process- 
ing annually more than 5,000 applications for admis- 
sion. Osegard has done extensive work with interna- 
tional students and served as foreign student advisor 
from 1970-82. He developed a relationship with the 
U.S. Agency for International Development which 
resulted in more than 100 Nigerian students attending 
Stout with assistance from AID. 

For the past 20 years he has been active in the 
American Association of Collegiate Registrars and 
Admissions Officers. He is now chairman of the admis- 
sions policies and practices committee for the organiza- 
tion's state chapter. 

In announcing the awards, Swanson described them 
as "significant recognition" by the university for the 
contribution made by two staff members. He also said 
that the awards embody a symbol of excellence for 
which the university strives. □ 

Class Notes 


Martin Jackson Dip. '23, BS '28 was 
inducted into the Wisconsin High School 
Football Coaches Hall of Fame, Madison. 
L.G. Topliss Dip. '23 resides in Fond du Lac, 
where he has retired from teaching. George 
Jackson Dip. '25, BS '35 is retired and living 
in a retirement community where he keeps 
active with hobbies, crafts and gardening. He 
resides in Vincentown, N.J. Evelyn Giese '31 
is retired and resides in Menomonie. Alyce 
Donovan Vanek BS '33, MS '54 resides in 
Laguna Hills, Calif. Ann Westman Golden 
'33 is retired and resides in Mountain. She 
and her husband travel extensively. Louise 
Lee Heidel '34 is retired and resides in 
Omro. Martha Bubeck Schmidt '34 resides in 
Madison since her retirement and continues 
to keep involved in numerous community 
and church activities. Dorothy Erickson 
Johnson '38 has retired from teaching and 
resides in West Allis. Agatha Norton '39 is in 
the environment, textiles, and design depart- 
ment of the School of Family Resources and 
Consumer Sciences at UW-Madison. John 
"Bob" Wierman BS '41, MS '47 is retired as 
associate principal of Wauwatosa West High 
School. He spends time traveling overseas 
with his wife Marion. Marie Pacott Jittlov '43 
has retired from teaching with Los Angeles 
Unified School District. Leola Illingworth 
Becker '45 has retired from teaching home 
economics and is the nutrition director for 
the elderly for the Dodge County Commis- 
sion on Aging. Joseph Petryk BS '46, MS '51 
resides in Boyceville, where he has retired 
after 37 years of teaching in Michigan and 
Minnesota. He is president of the Dunn 
County Historical Society. Harriet Stevens 
Lien SP '46 is the treasurer of UW- 
Whitewater's Foundation office. Don Lux BS 
'49, MS '52 is retired from Ohio State 
University after 35 years of teaching. 
Kenneth Schank '49, coordinator of the 
Vocational Technical Education Program at 
State University College at Buffalo, N.Y., has 
returned from an Asian Development Bank 
project in Korea. Sherman Dreyer BS '50, 
MS '50 has retired as chairman of the 
technology department at State University 
College in Buffalo, N.Y. He was honored 
with the EPT Distinguished Service Award. 
Fred BS '50, MS '55 and Gerry Erickson 
Wentorf BS '50 reside in Racine, where he is 
coordinator of adult and continuing educa- 
tion for Racine County and she teaches in 
the food service program for Gateway 
Technical Institute. They have three children 
and two grandchildren. Robert '50 and 
Francis Knight Gray '50 reside in 
Montgomery, 111. He has retired after 30 
years with Caterpillar Tractor Co., as a safety 
manager. Milton Miller '50 is director of 
facilities for Dallas Independent School 
District. James Young '50 retired after 
teaching in Anaheim, Calif., for 24 years. 
Hank Weiss BS '51, MS '69 is an industrial 
arts instructor at Wautoma High School, 
where he was Teacher of the Week. He 
resides in Wautoma with his wife and six 
children. Ruth Teclaw '51 has retired after 16 
years of classroom teaching. George Stolp BS 
'54, MS '55 is a science teacher with the 

eighth grade team in the Lighthouse program 
for the gifted and resides in Racine. Mary 
Rezek Suk '57 is director of nutrition educa- 
tion and food services for the San Leandro 
Unified School District in California and has 
been elected president of the California 
School Food Service Association. James '59 
and Emily Duesferbeck reside in Richland 
Center, where he is a machine repair and 
industrial maintenance instructor at 
Waukesha County Technical Institute. 
Eugene Kirscht '59 is staff classification 
specialist in Veterans Administration Central 
office, Washington, D.C. Roy Sveiven BS 
'59, MS '60 is department chairman of 
Industrial Arts and Driver Education in 
Lynchburg, Va. James Blasczyk BS '61, MS 
'65 is a material and process engineer senior 
with Lockheed Missiles and Space Corp., 
Austin, Texas. Darlene Garner Somerlot '62 
has opened an interior decorating studio in 
Belefontaine, Ohio, where she resides. 
Louise Wakem MS '63 is assistant account 
executive at Gamzo Advertising Consultants 
Inc., Chicago. William Marotz BS '65, MS 
'68 has been named director of the computer 
center at Emory & Henry College. Warren 
Leisemann BS '65, MS '66 is manager of data 
processing at the international office of the 
Society for the Preservation and Encourage- 
ment of Barbershop Quartet Singing in 
America, Kenosha. Alice Schlegel Pierle '67 
is an adult education teacher at Whitman 
Center, Livonia, Mich. Larry Weidner BS '68, 
MS '71 is the photographer for the 
Menomonie Theater Guild. Nancy Sajnog 
Horan '68 is an internal auditor with 
Wisconsin Bell, Milwaukee. Margelyn 
Richardson Monahan '68 is a food service 
supervisor and qualified dietary consultant at 
Fairview Manor Nursing Home in Belvidere, 
111. She resides in Poplar Grove, 111., where 
she is also a 4-H leader. Fred '69 and Bonnie 
Rolf Priebe '70 reside in Wayne, Mich, with 
their two children. He is an industrial arts 
teacher at John Marshall Junior High School. 
Ken Klima '69 is manufacture manager, 
phenolics, restone division of Allen-Bradley 
Co., and resides in Lafayette, Ind. Susan 
Leary Koon '69 was selected Teacher of the 
Year at Branford, Fla. She resides in Soldiers 
Grove, Fla. with her husband. John 
Reibsamen '69 resides in Elmhurst, 111. with 
his wife and two sons. He teaches anthro- 
pology, history of education and psychology 
at Triton College, River Grove, 111. 


John Banks BS '70, MS '72 is director of 
rehabilitation for the U.S. Trust Territory of 
American Samoa, located in the South Pacific 
Ocean, where he resides with his wife and 
three daughters. Ruth Eggert '70 received the 
Distinguished Services award at the Wiscon- 
sin Extension Agents Association conference. 
James Jensen '70 has been appointed 
associate academic dean at Keller Graduate 
School of Management, Milwaukee. Toby 
Johnson BS '70, MS '75 is executive director 
of Superior Vocations Center Inc., and has 
been elected to the board of directors of the 
Rehabilitation Facilities of Wisconsin. Rick 
Northrop BS '70, MS '72 teaches vocational 
auto mechanics in Rhinelander and spoke at 

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the 31st Experimental Aircraft Association 
convention in Oshkosh about the Sonerai IIL 
that is being built at Rhinelander High 
School. Bert Peterson '70 is manager of Com- 
munications Systems at Fisher Controls Inter- 
national Inc., Marshalltown, Iowa. Greg 
Banaszynski '71 is an architectural represent- 
ative for the Radford Co., Oshkosh. Dan '71 
and Kathy Heimke Close '70 reside in Hoff- 
man Estates, 111., where he is plant manager 
for Belke Mfg., and she is district general 
manager for Interstate United Food Corpora- 
tion. Kenneth Hoepner MS '71 is vice presi- 
dent of marketing and sales for the 
Minneapolis-based Soo Line Railroad Co. 
Sharon Johnson Holden '71 is an insurance 
instructor for Security Schools Inc., Burns- 
ville, Minn., and resides in Plymouth, Minn., 
with her husband and daughter. John 
Peterson '71 is the coach of the Athletes in 
Action European Wrestling Team and doing 
wrestling clinics in the United States. Leo '71 
and Loleta Dodge Udee '71 reside with their 
three sons in Fond du Lac, where he is a 
sales manager at Modern Motors Inc., and 
she is a national collegiate chairperson for 
Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority. Vicki Heichel 
Wright '71 was named the Outstanding 
Adviser at the 1984 State Leadership Con- 
ference of the Wisconsin Association of 
Future Homemakers of America and Home 
Economics Related Occupations and Teachers 
at Johnson Creek. Paulette Opsal Emberson 
'72 teaches home economics at Waunakee 
High School. Maryann Koeppell Espe '72 is 
coordinator of student services at the Austin 
Area Vocational-Technical Institute and has 
been named 1984 Minnesota School Coun- 
selor of the Year. LeRoy Kopecky MS '72 is 
principal of Kewaskum High School. Conrad 
"Connie" McClurg BS '72, MS '80 resides in 
Bangor, where he teaches industrial arts. 
Joanne Goser Seller '72 is teaching at D.C. 
Everest Senior High School, Schofield and 
presented a program to Mid-Wisconsin 
Home Economics Teachers Forum on "Incor- 
porating the Writing Process into the Home 
Economics Curriculum." David Wiltzius BA 
'72, ME '74 is a school psychologist in Fond 
du Lac. Rod Zivney '72 owns and operates a 
graphics firm in San Francisco called 
Lithocolor. Duane Eller '73 is an inside sales 
manager at Electric Motor Service, Madison 
and resides in Waunakee with his wife and 
daughter. William BS '73, MS '81 and 
Deborah Ort Cotter Ed '82 reside in 
Stoughton. He is an instrument shop super- 
visor in the physical science lab at UW- 
Madison and she is interning at Blackhawk 
Technical Institute as curriculum coordinator. 
Jim '73 and Margaret Leidiger Garey '83 
reside in the Minneapolis area where he is 
general manager of Park Printing and she 
teaches in the White Bear Lake school 
system. Barbara Halpin George '73 is 
owner/broker of George Realty in Evansville 
and was selected for the Wisconsin Rural 
Leadership program. Marilyn Drew-Peplau 
BS '73, MS '79 was named Wisconsin Home 
Economics Teacher of the year. Kathryn Zutz 
Wiskow '73 is a trust officer for the First 
Wisconsin Trust Company, Milwaukee. 
Donna Harris Wold '73 is a certified child 
care specialist and teacher at the Beloit 
Community Action Care Center. Steve '74 
and Jane Sarles Lunseth '74 reside in Grand 

Forks, N.D., where he has an advertising 
agency, International Media Consultants. 
Richard '74 and Nancy Ekum Maliszewski 
'73 reside in Monroe with their two children. 
He is owner and president of Ekum Abstract 
and Title Inc., and she is a buyer for the 
Swiss Colony Stores Inc. William Nicklas '74 
is senior sales representative for Effective 
Management Systems Inc., Milwaukee. John 
'74 and Sue McCausland Nicholson '74 
reside in Shoreview, Minn., with their two 
children, where he is in engineering and she 
is lead teacher for a nursety school. Hope 
Niedling MS '74 has been installed as presi- 
dent of the Great Lakes Region of the 
General Federation of Women's Clubs. 
Kenneth Ogren '74 resides in Topeka, Kan., 
with his wife and three children, where he 
will be working for the Menninger Founda- 
tion in rehabilitation centers. Bill Griesemer 
'75 is director of food services and coor- 
dinator of food service and hospitality. educa- 
tion at Waukesha County Technical Institute, 
and resides in Milwaukee. Dennis Beety BA 
'76 has been named police chief for the city 
of Menomonie, where he resides with his 
wife and three children. Max Bonek MS '76 
is director of admissions and financial aid at 
La Roche College, Pittsburgh. Robin '76 and 
Corinne Chasco reside in South Milwaukee 
where he is a product change analyst for 
Harley-Davidson. Judy Sundberg Carmick 
'76 is kitchen designer and sales person with 
Custom Crafters Inc., Washington, D.C. 
Connie Harmeyer '76 is a kindergarten 
teacher, at Le Center Public Schools. Linda 
Void Ristow '76 is a personnel technician for 
Olmsted County and resides in Rochester, 
Minn, with her husband and son. Dan '76 
and Cheryl Iverson Ross '77 reside in River 
Falls with their two children. Dan was 
named one of 10 Outstanding Young 
Wisconsinites by the Wisconsin Jaycees and 
Jaycee Women last winter. He is president of 
WGSH Inc., River Falls. Brian Rogers BS '76, 
MS '82 is the developmental disabilities 
specialist at the Norwood Health Center in 
Marshfield and has been appointed to the 
Governor's Committee for Disabled Persons 
and the Wood County Board of Supervisors 
Community Options program. Deborah 
Retzlaff Springborn '76 is a home economics 
teacher at Omro High School. 


Mark Baker '77 is executive director of the 
Saratoga Spring City Center, a convention 
facility built in conjunction with a 190-room 
Ramada Hotel in Saratoga Springs, N.Y. Jeff 
Busch '77 has developed an engineering con- 
sulting business, has participated in several 
space shuttle projects for the West Coast and 
does international consulting. He resides in 
Portland, Ore. Tim Davis '77 resides in Sun 
Prairie where he works for Ohio Medical Pro- 
ducts Service Education. Daniel Herman '77 
was ordained at the Gongregational Church 
in Oconomowoc and will serve congregations 
in Perhan and New York Mills, Minn. 
Michael Sullivan '77 is a marketing 
representative at Fore Way Express, 
Manitowoc. Claudius Adebayo MS '78 
resides in Woodstock, 111., with his wife and 
two sons, where he is the director of the 
American Training and Development Co. 

Joseph Bann '78 is with the Adams Mark 
Hotel in Houston. Richard Hardy '78 is a 
customer service administrator for the 
Adgrafix department at 3M in St. Paul, 
Minn., and resides in Woodbury, Minn. 
Michael Rass '78 is a senior staff engineer in 
packaging systems activity at the James Ford 
Bell Technical Center of General Mills in 
Minneapolis and resides in Maple Grove, 
Minn. Bruce '78 and Marguerite Haanen 
Reid '78 reside in Palm City, Fla. He teaches 
industrial arts at Stuart Middle School and 
she teaches kindergarten in Belle Glade, Fla. 
Donna Lohmeyer Smalley '78 is production 
manager for ABC Teletraining Inc., Batavia, 
111. Peggy Weber '79 is a home economics 
teacher at Evanston Township High School, 
Evanston, 111. Paul '79 and Ruth Pedersen 
Durand '79 reside in Jackson, Minn., where 
she teaches special education and is yearbook 
adviser, and he teaches industrial arts and 
coaches football, wrestling, and track. Marcia 
Holsten Gedden '79 is the admissions 
counselor at St. Paul Bible College and 
resides in St. Bonifacius, Minn., with her 
husband and daughter. Kevin Grossheim BS 
'79, MS '83 is a shipping supervisor for G.E. 
Medical Systems, Milwaukee. Vicki Mohr 
Lametti '79 is a project designer for Deane 
Schwalenberg Inc., Minneapolis, specializing 
in hotel and restaurant design and renova- 
tions. Nancy Pickel '79 is a food service 
manager at United and Children's Hospitals 
of St. Paul, Minn. Gail Hoppe Sommerfeld 
BS '79, MS '83 is a home economics instruc- 
tor at Gilmanton High School. Deborah 
Streuli '79 is a secretary at Lakeview Medical 
Center, Rice Lake, and competed for the title 
of Wisconsin's Young Career Woman. Jeff 
'79 and Fam Demski Weis '80 reside in 
Milwaukee where he is in packaging sales for 
Nelson Container, Brown Deer, and she is 
teaching home economics at Oak Creek 
Junior High School. Gary '79 and Joyce 
Wolfenberg Lomauro '80 reside in Delray 
Beach, Fla., where he was promoted to 
senior group sales manager with Carnation 
Co. W. William Whitmore '79 received his 
MBA in finance from the Weatherhead 
School of Management at Case Western 
Reserve University. Laurie Bartels '80 is 
assistant manager for K-Mart in St. Louis, 
Mo. Melanie Baumbach '80 is a housewares 
and small electrics buyer for Powers Depart- 
ment Stores, Minneapolis. Michael Becker 
'80 is a quality assurance engineer at Texas 
Instruments, Dallas. Larry Bell '80 is 
employed by Service Master, is married and 
resides in Lombard. Mark Dommer '80 
teaches welding at Bakersfield Community 
College and resides in Bakersfield, Calif., 
with his wife and three children. Michael 
Hanson '80 is secretary/treasurer for Axiom 
Enterprises Inc., Middletown, Ohio. Dennis 
Landgraf '80 is general manager of the 
Ramada Inn East, Louisville, Ky. Bazeet 
Lasaki BS '80, MS '82 is assistant lecturer in 
the department of industrial management, 
Federal University of Technology, Abeokuta, 
Nigeria. Karl Luchterhand '80 has been 
ordained as pastor of Christ Evangelical 
Lutheran Church and School in West Bloom- 
field. Steve Lythjohan '80 is an industrial 
engineer with George A. Hormel and Co., 
Fremont, Neb. Mary McGinnis '80 and Don 
Pitlik '79 reside in Minneapolis where she is 
public relations coordinator at Children's 


Medical Center and he is a photographer 
with Glen Silker Commercial Photography. 
John Quinlan '80 is an Air Force Reserve 
Airman assigned to Sheppard Air Force Base, 
Texas. Deborah Peters Stephens '80 is 
employed at Lansdale Discount House and 
resides in Harleysville, Pa. 


John Bessey '81 is sales manager for Hyatt 
Regency, Cincinnati. William Blackburn '81 
is assistant production manager for G&K Ser- 
vices, Green Bay. Gary Krogman '81 is 
owner of Kismet Video Dating Service in Eau 
Claire. Patricia "Prisha" Koch Malone '81 
works for the R&M Kaufmon division of 
Russ Togs Inc., and resides with her hus- 
band in Clinton, Iowa. George Mountin '81 
is a special education instructor and head 
hockey coach with the Rice Lake School 
District. Michael '81 and Brenda Bachmann 
Patek '81 reside in Oak Park, 111., where he is 
a buyer for Equipment Manufacturing Co., 
and she is a hotel development consultant 
for Pannell Kerr Forster. Mark Prodoehl '81 
is a systems engineer for large computer 
systems at IBM, Milwaukee. Randy '81 and 
Jennifer McGlaun Rudesill '81 reside in St. 
Paul, Minn., where he is in sales-service for 
Youngblood Laboratory, Minneapolis, and 
she is in sales-service with Litho-Specialties, 
St. Paul, Minn. Thomas Clancy '82 is a 
marketing instructor at Nicolet College and 
was selected to be Nicolet's Distinguished 
Lecturer. Michael '83 and Patti Glockzin 
Dunn '82 reside in Frederic, where he is a 
food service supervisor of Frederic Municipal 
Hospital and she is a business office manager 
at the Frederic Nursing Home. Julie Esse '82 
resides in Austin, Texas, where she is room 
service manager at the Hyatt Regency. 
Andrew "Drew" Fennema '82 is a parts 
zone manager for Ford parts and service divi- 
sion, Philadelphia. Thomas Hains '82 was 
commissioned second lieutenant in the 
United States Air Force and assigned to 
Keesler Air Force Base, Mississippi. Barb 
Hetzel '82 is 4-H and youth agent in Win- 
nebago County and resides in Oshkosh. Ron 
Home '82 is a district service manager for 
Chrysler Corp., Chicago, service and parts 
operation. Bob Jensch '82 is housekeeping 
manager at Bloomington Marriott, Bloom- 
ington, Minn. Zachary '82 and Diane 
Wahlstrom Keller '82 reside in Columbia 
Heights, Minn., where he is a mechanical 
design engineer for Wilbrecht Electronics and 
she is a sales representative for Beckman Pro- 
duce. James Klaas '82 has received Walgreen 
Pharmaceutical's highest national award, the 
National Walgreens Manager of the Year, for 
service and management in 1983. Jane 
Leonard '82 is teaching home economics at 
Clearwater High School and resides in Largo, 
Fla. Deb Schmidt '82 is a special education 
instructor for the School District of Rice Lake 
and is head coach of girls track. Mike 
Schmitz '82 is a district service manager with 
Pontiac motor division in Milwaukee. Craig 
Schwerin '82 is manager of Kentucky Fried 
Chicken in Richland Center. Mark Swoboda 
'82 is an electronic technician at General 
Electric Corp., St. Petersburg, Fla., and plays 
semi-pro football with the St. Petersburg 
Seahawks. Daniel Trollen '82 is assistant 

manager of the Ground Round restaurant, 
Waterloo, Iowa. Nancy Rockman Warwick 
'82 resides in Cumberland and is a customer 
service representative with A.B. Dick Pro- 
ducts of Eau Claire. Steven Wing '82 is assis- 
tant manager for Officer's Open Mess, 
Edwards, Calif. Tom Wyczawski '82 is 
second assistant manager at Furr's Cafeteria, 
Hurst, Texas. David Zeier '82 is a design 
engineer for Gilman Engineering and 
Manufacturers, Janesville. 


Kim Arnevik '83 was a finalist for the 
Wisconsin Alice in Dairyland title. Steve 
Balsiger '83 is a packaging engineer at 
Tharco Precision Inc., San Lorenzo, Calif, 
David Bogenhagen '83 is working with ETA 
Systems through Precision Design contract 
firm, St. Paul, Minn. Bill Bohlinger '83 is an 
electrical engineer at Watlow Winona Inc., 
Winona, Minn. Tammy Moser Dineen '83 is 
a sales person for Northwest Fabrics, 
Milwaukee. Daniel Eke '83 is a production 
processing engineer for Glasstite, Dunnell, 
Minn. Catherine Frandsen '83 has been 
named the Wisconsin Women's Inter- 
collegiate Athletic Conference Scholar-Athlete 
for tennis. Greg Hageness '83 resides in 
Cromwell, Conn., and is district sales 
manager for sales and marketing in Connec- 
ticut. Robin Hoyum '83 is an assistant food 
service director with Lear Jet, Wichita, Kan. 
Juliann Klatt '83 is a special education 
teacher at Mancopa County Accommodation 
Schools, Phoenix, Ariz. Joseph 
Krzyzanowski '83 is an industrial engineer 
with George A.-'Hormel and Co. Karen 
Lacek '83 is a department manager at 
Liemandt's, Burnsville Center, Burnsville, 
Minn. Todd LaDuke '83 has completed the 
Wisconsin Insurance licensing exams and has 
completed a development program at 
Heritage Mutual Insurance Co., Sheboygan. 
Christopher Lancette '83 is a production 
engineer for Sperry Computers, Roseville, 
Minn. Andrew Martin '83 is the quality 
assurance manager at Wisconsin Cuneo Press 
Inc., Milwaukee. Greg Miller '83 is a child 
care counselor at Willowglen Academy in 
Plymouth and resides in Glenbulah. Duane 
Ruff '83 is a distribution engineer at IBM, 
Rochester, Minn. Shannon White Ruff '83 is 
a programmer associate for Sperry Corp., St. 
Paul, Minn. Kifflie Scott '83 is a crisis 
counselor for Kenosha Youth Development 
Services. Katherine Stanke '83 is a packaging 
supervisor for Nabisco Brands Inc., Minne- 
apolis. Jean Steinhilber '83 has joined 
Hurley Medical Center, Flint, Mich., as a 
dietetic intern. John Strike Jr. '83 is a 
manager in quality control for Rainfair Inc., 
Racine. Brian Thomas '83 is assistant divi- 
sion coordinator with Weather Shield Mfg. 
Inc., Medford. Peter Thompson '83 is a 
manager trainee for Furr's Cafeteria Inc., 
Colorado Springs, Colo. Debera Tichenor '83 
is an activity training specialist at Midwest 
Special Services, St. Paul, Minn. James 
Unger '83 is employed by Marriott Hotels, 
Dallas, as an assistant manager. Kathy 
Wetzel '83 is a management trainee at 
Seiferts-Sputhdale, Burnsville, Minn. 
Kristine Blacklock MS '84 received the 

Rookie of the Year award at the Wisconsin 
Association of Extension Home Economists 
annual meeting in Appleton. Julie Block '84 
is an employment specialist at Associated 
Rehabilitation Consultants, St. Louis Park, 
Minn. Ronald Bonikowske '84 is a manage- 
ment trainee at Stouffer restaurants, Solon, 
Ohio. Jay Dahlke '84 is a front desk manager 
for Marriott Corp., Bethesda, Md. Jeffrey 
Diehl '84 was selected for a summer intern- 
ship position with Wisconsin's third district 
congressman in Washington, D.C. Mary 
Dodge '84 is assistant housekeeping manager 
for Marriott Hotels, Salt Lake City. Gerald 
Woodson '84 teaches industrial arts at 
Weyauwega. Jay Fahl '84 is anchoring the 
afternoon news and sports for WGNW radio, 
Waukesha. Yvonne Furchtenicht '84 is 
employed by Holiday Inn., Minneapolis. 
Jane Hagen, '84 is a restaurant management 
trainee for Casa Gallardo Inc., St. Louis. 
Theresa Schmitz James '84 is employed by 
Clorox Corp., Pleasanton, Calif., as an assis- 
tant packaging engineer. Allan Johnson '84 
is a programmer performance analyst for 
IBM, Rochester, Minn. Cynthia Johnson '84 
is Wisconsin's 1984 Alice in Dairyland. James 
Libby '84 has received the 1984 Industrial 
Design Excellence award for student design 
from the Industrial Designers Society of 
America for his design of an emergency I.V. 
infusion pump. Jon Olson '84 is a manager 
trainee for Days Inns of America, Atlanta. 
Mike Poehnelt '84 re-entered the United 
States Marine Corps as a second lieutenant. 




Susan Bell '70 to Robert Harmon, July 21. 
Couple resides in Oconomowoc. Elaine Berg 
to Tom Schroedl '70, June 16, Telluride, 
Colo., where couple resides. Janice Werblow 
BS '74, MS '80 to Roger Link, May 5, 
Juneau. Couple resides in La Porte, Minn. 
Rosanne Christensen '75 to Lee Kruse '81, 
Neenah. Couple resides in Liberty. Ann 
Hoppe '76 to William Rajek, June 9, 
Marathon. Couple resides in Wausau. Beckie 
Schmelter to Rockne Spahn '76, March 10, 
Sun Prairie, where couple resides. Judy Ryan 
to Jon Willoughby '77, April 28, Rochester, 
Minn. Couple resides in Eagan, Minn. 
Marguerite Haanen '78 to Bruce Reid '78, 
Jan. 21, Stuart, Fla. Couple resides in Palm 
City, Fla. Josephine Bloechl '79 to Bernard 
Hurley '77, June 30, Merrill. Couple resides 
in New Brighton, Minn. Janell Clements to 
Rex Feil '79, March 24, Maui, Hawaii. 
Couple resides in Anchorage, Ala. Shelly 
Peterson to Keith Kastenmeier '79, May 19, 
.Elbow Lake, Minn. Couple resides in 
Minneapolis. Julie Weisheipl '79 to Duane 
Poehnelt, June 23, Eau Claire. Couple resides 
in Loyal. Carol Baugh to W. William Whit- 
more '79, June 16, Cleveland. Cindy Butler 
'80 to Jerry Pillsbury, Lebanon. Couple 
resides in Watertown. Christine Church '80 
to Donald Holmstrom, May 5, Barron. 
Couple resides in Ashland, Mont. Christine 
Frank '80 to James Konen, June 9. Couple 
resides in Oconto Falls. Roejean Henriksen 
'80 to William Goodwin. Couple resides in 
Roseville, Minn. Gretchen Maurer '80 to 
Eugene Cropp, June 9, Menomonie. Couple 
resides in Madison. Connie Schmid to Mark 
Pelton '80, May 5, Orangeville. Couple 
resides in Monroe. Deborah Peters '80 to 
Richard Stephens, Sept. 3, Valley Forge, Pa. 
Deborah Peterson '80 to Mark Bowman '78, 
June 16, Wisconsin Rapids. Couple resides in 
Waukesha. Brenda Bachmann '81 to Michael 
Patek '81, June 18. Couple resides in Oak 
Park, 111. Wendy Kokal to David Bergelin 
'81, June 16, Green Bay, where couple 
resides. Paula Bingham '81 to Thomas 
Andrzejewski '81, June 23, Wisconsin 
Rapids. Couple resides in Minneapolis. 
Marjorie Friedlander '81 to Randall Rettler 
'81, June 11, Appleton. Jennifer McGlaun 
'81 to Randy Rudesill '81, Nov. 12. Couple 
resides in St. Paul, Minn. Sandra McHugh 
BS '81, MS '84 to James Gruenke, May 26, 
Appleton. Linda Nicolay '81 to Richard 
Kurlinski, June 16, Chilton. Couple resides in 
Eagan, Minn. Kimberly Caron to Jeffrey 
Spiczenski '81, March 17, Oshkosh. Couple 
resides in Menomonie. Sonya Gomulak to 
Gregory Blair '82, March 31. Couple resides 
in Wisconsin Rapids. Deborah Determan MS 
'82 to Gregory Ginter MS '82, July 7, Green 
Bay. Couple resides in Anchorage, Ala. 
Maureen Fries '82 to Jeffrey Pfister '81. 
Couple resides in Tucson, Ariz. Susan Fuchs 
to James Kohlbeck '82, June 16, Sauk City. 
Couple resides in Brookfield. Laurie Kapla 
'82 to Mark Zastrow '82, April 28, Suamico. 
Couple resides in Waukesha. Tina Gutzman 
to Michael Lohoff '82, March 31, Neenah. 
Couple resides in Menasha. Jill Smith to 

Gregory Luer '82, May 26, Niagara Falls, 
N.Y. Couple resides in Lakewood, Colo. 
Nancy Rockman '82 to Shawn Warwick, 
June 18, Barron. Couple resides in 
Cumberland. Angela Rhodes '82 to Karl 
Mattes, April 28, Sheboygan. Couple resides 
in Bradenton, Fla. Lisa Stone '82 to Kenneth 
Neuburg '81, Feb. 25, Waukau. Couple 
resides in Tucson, Ariz. Carin Tebben '82 to 
Lee Hagemeyer, June 30, Clara City, Minn. 
Couple resides in Belgrade, Minn. Diane 
Wahlstrom '82 to Zachary Keller '82, Oct. 
22. Couple resides in Columbia Heights, 
Minn. Tara Zacharias '82 to James Koller. 
Couple resides in Ripon. Cynthia 
Zimmerman '82 to Lance Van Ert, May 5, 
Nekoosa. Couple resides in Wisconsin 


Shari Brown '83 to Patrick Crusse '84, June 
30, Manitowoc. Couple resides in Charlotte, 
N.C. Gina Doucette '83 to Peter Schroeder 
'83, June 23, Antigo, where couple resides. 
Jill Duren '83 to Donald Hoebbel, June 2, 
Milwaukee. Couple resides in Eau Claire. 
Shelly Forbush to Andrew Fuhs '83, May 19, 
Baraboo, where couple resides. Lynn 
Heinemeier to James Guse '83, March 10, 
Beaver Dam. Couple resides in Sun Prairie. 
Mary Huser '83 to Anthony Halverson '83, 
Nov. 12, New Richmond. Couple resides in 
New Orleans. Sherrie Rosenthal to Mark 
Loehndorf '83, May 19, Fond du Lac. Pamela 
Gotz to Kristen Mallek '83, June 9, Port 
Edwards. Couple resides in Wisconsin 
Rapids. Lynn Riemer '83 to Roger Pascavis 
'83, June 16, Wisconsin Rapids. Couple 
resides in Baraboo. Janet Sheedy '83 to 
Joseph Chou '82, May 18, Flintville. Couple 
resides in St. Paul, Minn. Diane Shoemaker 
'83 to Bruce Hahn '82, March 25, Mankato, 
Minn. Couple resides in Green Bay. Lynn 
Stapelkamp '83 to Steven Harber '82, March 
10, Cedar Grove. Couple resides in Austin, 
Minn. Kris Swerkstrom '83 to Neil Peterson, 
Sept. 17, 1983, Luck. Couple resides in St. 
Paul, Minn. Margaret McCabe '83 to Craig 
Schultz, June 2, Neenah. Mary Flynn '84 to 
David Miller, June 2, Tomahawk. Couple 
resides in Burnsville, Minn. Dena Hasenohrl 
'84 to Benjamin Foxworth, June 16, Rochelle, 
Ga. Couple resides in Alexandria, Va. Leigh 
Lindahl '84 to Scott Truett, Des Moines, 
Iowa, where couple resides. Patricia Moore 
to Thomas Nikolai '84, May 26. Couple 
resides at Camp Lake. Stacy Arndt to James 
Norton '84, Madison. Mary Ryan '84 to 
Steven Congdon '83 May 19, Durand. Cou- 
ple resides in Menomonie. Barbara Paasch to 
Scott Scheibe '84, June 16, Marshfield, where 
couple resides. 



A daughter, Kelly Ann, May 19, to Ron and 
Sharon Johnson Holden '71, Plymouth, 
Minn. A son, Scott Donald, Oct. 24, to Leo 
'71 and Loleta Dodge Udee '71. A son, 
Anthony John, July 9, to John and Linda 
Stener Carlson '73, Stillwater, Minn. A son, 
Kevin Brian, April 13, to Wayne Knight '73, 
Joppa, Md. A daughter, Alison Alicia, June 
5, to Tom '73 and Sherril Vandenberg, 
Sheboygan. A daughter, Susan Elizabeth, 
Feb. 2, to Edward '74 and Sharon Brandt 
Karman '74, Onalaska. A daughter, Amanda 
Jayne, March 9, to Phillip '74 and Barbara 
Schmitz Cyr '74. A son, Casey James, Dec; 
27, to James BS 73, MS '76 and Judy Jones 
Krueger '75, Green Bay. A son, Nicholas 
Lee, March 23, to Dorthy Barnarde Dahlen 
'75, West Bend. A daughter, Allison Laine, 
June 24, to Randall and Carol Montgomery 
Kuhlmann '75, Norfolk, Va. A son, Justin 
Michael, March 2, to Karl and Deborah 
Conan Mousch MS '75, Fort Lauderdale, Fla. 
A daughter, Christina Marion, March 1, to 
John BS '76, MS '81 and Jean Schulenberg 
Warren BS '75, MS '81, Palmyra. A 
daughter, Rebecca Ann, June 21, to Rev. 
Steven and Betty Cheadle Hartman '76, Gib- 
bon, Neb. A son, Jordon Peter, June 13, 
1983, to Ervin Marschall '77, Wauwatosa. A 
daughter, Pauline Joy, Oct. 15, to Bill '78 
and Mary Johnson Tradewell '77 , Rice Lake. 
A daughter, Melissa Jean, June 27, to Doug 
BS '77, MS '81 and Lynn Chovanec Brown 
'79, River Falls. A daughter, Lindsay Janet, 
Aug. 27, to Donald and J. Tara Buchanan 
Wisdorf '77 , Maple Grove, Minn. A son, Jan. 

II, to Donna Lohmeyer Smalley '78, Batavia, 

III. A daughter, Beth Jean, June 8, to Daniel 
'78 and Debra O'Brien Olson '78, 
Menomonie. Arnold MS '63 and C. Lorraine 
Larson Olson MS '66, Menomonie, are the 
paternal grandparents. A daughter, Lisa Kay, 
Feb. 23, to Paul and Marcia Holsten Gedden 
'79, St. Bonifacius, Minn. Triplets, Kevin, 
Brian and James II, March 26, to Jim BS '79, 
MS '83 and Sue Winistorfer, Waukesha. A 
daughter, Zoliat, August, to Bazeet Lasaki 
BS '80, MS '82, Abeokuta, Nigeria. A son, 
Paul Steven, July 22, to Steven and Maureen 
Simonet Stenseth '80, Stillwater, Minn. A 
son, Andrew, April 23, to Allen '80 and 
Mary Klein Roberts '83, Waterford. 




Carrie Ann Norman Griffith Dip. '13. 
Catherine Spence Dip. '14, MS '35, Ap- 
pleton. Martha Wiegler Rothe Dip. '15, 91, 
April 6, Ashwaubenon. Gladys Nelson 
Barber Dip. '24, 80, June 10, Kenosha. Nor- 
man Hunter Dip. '26, Jan. 11, 1982. Steve 
Bergin '27, 79, Watertown. Nelle Stoiber 
Mertes '27, 86, April 14, Chippewa Falls. 
Ruth "Betty" Malcolm Kucharski '31, 74, 
May 27, Chetek. Belinda Hendrickson Lund 
'33, 74, March 19, Madison. Raymond 
McNaughton '33, 73, Durand. Howard 
Olson BS '35, MS '47, Riverside, Calif. Betty 
Nichols '41, 65, April 5, Atlanta, Ga. Ward 
Cowles BS '48, MS '50, 62, April 10, 
Menomonie. Phyllis Schlotfelt Meilke '54, 
51, July 11, Brainerd, Minn. Russell Maki 
'65, Maple. John Scapple '72, 38, July 10, 
Middleton. Vivian Schlottman BS '75, MS 
'76, 30, April 16, Boyceville. 

Faculty Deaths 

Anne Marshall, 79, March 13, Zanesville, 
Ohio. G'.S. "Gus" Wall, 80, Menomonie. 
Luther Mahan, 58, Aug. 12, Menomonie. 

People You Know 

By Pat Reisinger, 
Alumni Director 

This will be the last "people you know" 
written from an office in the Administration 
building on the corner of Main and Broad- 
way. Sometime in November, the Alumni 
and Foundation offices will be relocated to 
the Louis Smith Tainter Home (formerly 
Eichelberger). The new location will provide 
easy access to visiting alumni who couldn't 
find us on campus, and provide reception 
and meeting rooms for small university and 
community groups. For all of you alumni 
who lived there while it was Eichelberger 
Hall, you'll enjoy seeing the refurbished 
home, and for alumni who walked by the 
skeleton of a home during the past few 
years, come see us when you visit 

Alumni have been gathering all over the 
country. In May, the Kentucky alumni met in 
Louisville. Lew Berger '36 and Nancy Smith 
Kupper '70 were responsible for the get- 
together and program at the Executive Inn. 
Bob Dahlke, director of. Placement, Dave 
Williams, Foundation director, and 
Chancellor Robert Swanson '49 were on 
hand to greet area alumni. Awards were 
made to several graduates: Lou Rogge '28 
earliest graduate; Nancy Smith Kupper '70, 
most recent graduate; Jack Bongey '49, Cin- 
cinnati, farthest from home and most grand- 
children; and Don Hamilton '71 birthday 

Seventy-six graduates, spouses and friends 
attended the golden anniversary celebration 
for the classes of 1900-34 on the Stout cam- 
pus. Tours of campus buildings, the Mabel 
Tainter Theater, the Wilson Museum, a city 
bus tour and lunch with the Chancellor were 
part of the day's program for all of the 
graduates of the Stout Institute prior to 1935. 
They all received a memory book and a Stout 
charm or tie-tac as a special momento of the 
anniversary. Special gifts were awarded to 
several alumni who attended. John '34 and 
Marian Cress Hockel '32 from Watsonville, 
Calif., were farthest from home; Ruth 
Grundgripper Patterson '34 has been enjoy- 
ing retirement longer than any of her 
. classmates; Estell "Bud" Curry '34 has been 
employed the most number of years; Nor- 
man '34 and Erma Hervig Jensen '37 had the 
youngest grandchild; and Borden Steeves '34 
celebrated his birthday closest to the golden 

Chancellor Robert '49 and Margaret 
Pennington Swanson '48 traveled with me to 
California the latter part of June to visit 
alumni and present alumni updates for three 
get-togethers. On June 23, the Southern 
California alumni chapter was initiated with 
the efforts of Irv Lathrop '50 and Ed Clary 
'56. The graduates and friends met at 
Dimitri's in Anaheim for dinner and a pro- 
gram by Chancellor Swanson. A videotape of 
current activities on the Stout campus was 
also a part of the program. Nancy Nervig 
'81, Glendale, was the most recent graduate 
in attendance, Olga Laurich Bass '37, 
Anaheim, was the earliest graduate and 
Karen Kardin Jordahl '64, Fountain Valley, 
was the birthday celebrant. Karen received 
her M. S . in counseling from Fullerton in May 
and now will pursue a marriage counseling 
license. Steve Grudichak '49, Brawley, was 
the owner of the oldest car, and Myra 
Schlegel Douglass '65, Atascadero, was 
recognized as having traveled the longest 
distance. Coincidentally, Myra inquired if 
Olga had known her mother, Zella Joos 
Schlegel, who was a 1940 graduate of Stout. 
Olga knew her and was the roommate of 
Mable Joos Murdock '37, Myra's aunt. 

The Bay Area alumni chapter met in Los 
Gatos June 24, for a tour of the Novitiate 
Winery, a wine tasting program and a bar- 
beque picnic. Some of the board members 
who planned the outing doubled as chefs — 
Jeff Daniels '80, Pete Berends '82, and 
Barney BS '49, MS '55 and Ruth Schroder 
Harzarian '51. The alumni board increased in 
number at this meeting. The following will 
serve this year: Bill '81 and Margaret Fena 
Coldwell '81, Jeff Daniels '80, Donna Fain 
'81 and Ron Saltzman '81. Barney Hazarian 

was appointed advisor to the alumni board. 
The Chancellor presented a report about cur- 
rent university activities and entertained 
questions about the university, staff and the 
community. The table bouquets from the 
winery were given as remembrances to Edna 
Langseth '33, earliest graduate; Steve 
Balsiger '83, Bernice Hosking BS '82, MS '83 
and Jill Thompson '83 as the most recent 
graduates; Ken and Joyce Fuhrman Hicks '49 
who were celebrating their 34th anniversary; 
and Karen Langballe, a Stout student intern- 
ing at the Westin St. Francis and whose 
hometown is Oslo, Norway. 

The American Home Economics Associa- 
tion national convention was held at the 
Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim. Stout was one 
of the 30 universities that participated in the 
alumni get-togethers in the Grand Ballroom 
of the Disney Hotel June 25. Chancellor and 
Penny Swanson, and Pat and Dave Reisinger 
greeted alumni from the 50 states and one 
international traveler. Ingrid Susan Ahlberg 
'71 was attending the convention from 
Ludwigsburg, Germany. Jane Huntzicker 
'44, Yakima, Wash., was the earliest 
graduate and Mary Hannemen '75, Brown 
Deer, was the most recent graduate. Marilyn 
Drew Peplau, Wisconsin's 1984 Home 
Economics Teacher of the Year, was in 
attendance from New Richmond. Marilyn 
received her B.S. in home economics educa- 
tion in 1973 and a M.S. in 1979. She has . 
taught at New Richmond High School for 11 
years. She was nominated for the family liv- 
ing program she initiated for junior and 
senior students. 

Char TerBeest '72 was the subject of an 
extensive article in "Better Homes and 
Gardens — Country Home." The article 
describes her work with making willow 
baskets and provides a profile of her love for 
the outdodrs. 

Cynthia Johnson '84 was chosen as 
Wisconsin's 37th Alice in Dairyland. A 
dietetics major, she is from Oregon and was 
state FHA-HERO president in 1979-80, and a 
youth representative for the Wisconsin State 
March of Dimes 1981-83. 

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Helen Fryklund, wife of the late president 
Verne C. Fryklund, sends her greetings to 
alumni from San Clemente, Calif. Chancellor 
and Penny Swanson visited her in June. 
Helen continues to enjoy her own home, her 
flowers and alumni who travel West. 

Mrs. Fryklund 

The Alumni office has heard from another 
class that has had a round robin continu- 
ously since 1936. That's a lot of letters to 
read, write and send off, but the following 
haven't lost a letter yet. Viola Larson 
Bengtson, Minneapolis; Merle Hill Twesme, 
Arcadia; Agnes Steinke Resell, Siren; Elaine 
Thomas Charlick, Brevard, N.C.; Inez 
Pickering Siro, Chico, Calif.; Esther 
Spaulding Miller, Denver; Lillian Hanson 
McCormick, Shellsburg, Iowa; Phyllis 
Lauerman Wilken, Kankakee, 111.; Ruth 
Bubeck Voll, Shorewood; and Margaret 
Allen Engel, Stewartsville, Minn. 

Sr. Generose Gervais '45, OSF, president, 
Saint Mary's Hospital, Rochester, Minn., was 
among Catholic Health Association officials 
who met with President Ronald Reagan 
recently during their annual Federal Policy 
Institute on Capitol Hill. During the meeting, 

President Reagan thanked the representatives 
of CHA for its leadership in refining the 
federal "Baby Doe" regulations. In turn, 
Reagan was thanked for his leadership in 
upholding many of the values of Catholic 
health care, such as the value of life and the 
dignity of each person. Sr. Gervais was also 
honored during the annual Catholic Health 
Assembly in St. Louis. She is ending her 
term as a member of the Board of Trustees of 
the CHA after serving as vice-chairperson, 
chairperson and speaker of the Membership 

The third annual Alumni golf tournament 
was held Saturday, Aug. 4, at Tanglewood. 
Thirty-four golfers competed for the car, 
enjoyed a picnic after the tournament and 
were awarded prizes for their golfing prow- 
ess. Bob Eggleston '59 came within three feet 
of winning the car, but, alas, the dealer had 
the car back on the lot that evening. Ernie 
Christiansen '53 beat Earl Herring '52 in a 
sudden-death playoff. The golfers receiving 
prizes included Steve Turk and Jackie Moss 
Van Heirseele 72, shortest drive on #1; Joan 
Christiansen, longest drive on #3; Larry 
Braaten BS '36, MS '50 and Teddy Eggleston, 
closest to the pin on #4; Dick Veleke '74, 
longest putt on #6; Al Loew '55, most balls 
in water on #6; and Dick Veleke '74 and 
Joan Christiansen, low gross. The alumnus 
coming the farthest distance to participate in 
the tournament was Bert Mizuha '39 of 
Hawaii, who was also instrumental in 
organizing the first Stout golf team. The 
earliest graduate was Larry Braaten BS '36, 
MS '50, and the most recent graduates were 
Keven Derkowski '83 and Dave Hougland 

Stout Alumni Scholarships 
and Fellowship 

Do you need an added incentive to begin 
graduate school? We've got it! The 
Alumni Association will offer four $1,000 
graduate scholarships to alumni annually 
beginning January '85. Graduate work 
must be taken at Stout. Application forms 
can be obtained by writing to Pat 
Reisinger, Stout's alumni director. 
Deadline for this year's applicants is Oct. 
25. Monies may be used for second 
semester January '85, summer school or 
for the fall session. A $3,000 fellowship 
will be offered annually to Stout alumni 
beginning January '85. Deadline for the 
fellowship is Nov. 15. Additional informa- 
tion may be obtained by calling (715) 

Sr. Gervais '45, is greeted 
by President Reagan 

Upcoming Events 

Nov. 18 Minneapolis, Humphrey Dome 
Stout vs. Northern State College, 
Aberdeen, South Dakota 
Jan. 19 Disneyland Hotel, Anaheim, 
Alumni get-together 
Hosts: David Barnard and 
Dave Graf 
Dec. 1 American Vocational Association 
New Orleans — Alumni 
reception for AVA members 
and Louisiana alumni 


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